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As the official student association of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (University of Ghent) we represent more than 6.000 students. This includes that we are responsible for the capus-recruitment at our faculty, a task in which we are fully supported bu the faculty itself.

Thanks to our strong presence at the faculty we can bring your company in contact with the most suitable profiles even before they graduate. We can do this via two big channels, namely via our Recruitment-events and via Communication & Brand Awareness. For more infromation about Communication & Brand Awareness, you can go to the relevant page.

Company Meet & Greet

At the start of the academic year, we organize every year our Company Meet & Greet, the perfect event to start our recruitment year. This year we welcome 20 participating companies divided over two evenings. This evening is the ideal opportunity to get acquainted with several of our partners for the first time.

Each participating company introduce themselves in a short but powerful presentation of 10 minutes. After the performances, a free reception will be provided by the recruitment team, where the partners present will also have their own stand. The informal reception offers the opportunity for the students to chat with the recruiters during a snack and a drink.



Afterwards, every student also receives a coveted job guide, in which, in addition to useful tips on applying for jobs, every company profile of the partners present is also mentioned.

Competence Day

After a first introduction to the companies during the Company Meet & Greet, you will have the chance to participate in our Competence Night on the 13th of November. During this interactive evening we offer workshops that prepare the students for the real job application.

The topics discussed are given by experts employed by our participating partners.

Career Day

With more than 120 participating companies and business schools and more than 1200 students, we can say with certainty that the Career Day is our biggest and most important event. Our job fair takes place the 18th of February and is aimed at all UGent students with an economic interest.
Our goal is to make it a day where the companies present come into contact with the right and best profiles.

We also provide personal branding with personalized name cards for every pre-registered student. Every student receives our 'Career Guide'. This is a handy reference book with all the profiles of the companies present. Throughout the day catering is provided for the students and present partners.

Career Day

Embrace Talent

Meet students with an economic interest

Talent Enhancement Program

We provide a program where we help students refine their 'talents', in collaboration with companies that teach them a skill. We wish to expand the knowledge of the students around a specific subject, at the same time you get the opportunity to make your company known and to meet the students.
If the three sessions are successfully completed by the student, the student will receive a certificate of participation in the name of both your company and the faculty.

Students can enroll to follow the program within finance, audit, consulting, marketing or big data. We mainly focus on students in their penultimate year, as they start to prepare for the search for a job.


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