Keynote speakers

Recently we invited Karel De Gucht and Pol Hauspie. Pol Hauspie, known from the firm Lernout & Hauspie, gave us an interesting point of view on the good and difficult times of L&H. L&H was a leading Belgium-based speech recognition technology company founded by Pol Hauspie and Jo Lernout. At its peak, L&H had market capitalization of almost US$10 billion. In early 1999 L&H was dogged by rumours of financial impropriety and a bit later it was proven that earnings had been overstated. L&H went bankrupt on the 25th of October 2001. It was the beginning of long way for Pol Hauspie. After a lot of dark years, he found the energy to come back. Today, the driven speaker explains publicly the choices and mistakes he made during his career. He gives audiences advice of how to do better for future times.

We also invited Johan Van Overtveldt. Johan Van Overtveldt (°1955) is doctor in Business Economics and received an MBA at the University of Leuven. He started his career as journalist for Trends in 1978, but changed his career in 1982, where he started working for BBL and later for Shoeconfex, BTR and VCR. In 1992 he returned to Trends and became chief editor. In 2013, Johan made his first step into politics and in October 2014 he became Minister of Finance in the current government of Charles Michel. You can watch the lecture below.

Johan Van Overtveldt

Minister of Finance

Policy in turbulent times