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The Flemish Economic Association, together with Mother Lies, is responsible for the book sales of all study fields at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Since last year, the two associations have joined forces and now organise the book sales together.

More information about the book sales will be announced here soon.

Kind regards

Shahrad and Mariska
Axelle and Lucas
Chief of book sales 2020-2021
Flemish Economic Association & Moeder Lies



We are happy to finally announce the launch of our webshop. The link down below will redirect you to the book website of VEK&ML. There you can insert your card number of the FEB membership card. Don’t have a card? Click the button “I don’t have a membership card.” Then you will be redirected to your own personal webshop.

Find your year/course and order your books! These will be delivered at home.

Errors, returns and recompensations will be handled in the following days.


We thank all of you for your patience and we would like to excuse us for the uncertainty at some points.

Take care!

Errors, returns & refunds

Dear student 

Due to Covid measures, we have decided to postpone returns until the 2nd semester.

Books that were wrongly distributed will also be handled in the 2nd semester. Then you will be able to return these and we will pay you back immediately. 

If other mistakes have been made, such as overpaying please send an email to and with your proof of payment and then we will handle this as soon as possible


Privaatrecht in hoofdlijnen

Studenten die eender welke volume verkeerd meekregen kunnen deze t.e.m. 4 december omruilen in Acco Gent. Check zeker hun openingsuren! 

The FEB-membership card

The official membership card for students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

During the book sales, you have the possibility to purchase a FEB-membership card. The VEK and ML arranged a lot of partners, where you are able to claim a huge offer by showing this membership card. 

More information can be found by clicking 'become a member'. Being a member doesn't only get you offers all over Ghent, it also gives you a discount on the purchase of your books. 

The membership card is available for purchase at the book sales of both organizations. 

Become a member here!Become a member here!