A faculty on a human scale

A little history

The faculty of Economics and Business Administration was until 1968 a part of the faculty of law.

After World War II the economic trainings and sciences became more and more important for the government. Radical reformation were thus unavoidable. It is only after the publication of the expansion law in 1965 that other economic faculties saw the light, that the government allows the formation of the Faculty Economics in Ghent and Liège.

Currently, our faculty is the second largest faculty of Ghent, good for 15% of the total amount of students. Only the faculty of Medicine is bigger.

The faculty consists of several campuses. Campus Tweekerken: Tweekerkenstraat 2 where we organize in the foyer the booksales and many Recruitment-events in the rooms of Hoveniersberg. The mansions on the Sint-pietersplein also belong to this campus. Campus Mercator is located at Henleykaai 84.


Alumni association Voseko

Just like the VEK the official student association is, is Voseko that one of the alumni. There goal is to give the Faculty Economics and Busniss Administration of the University of Ghent the possibility to keep in contact with the fellow students and make new contacts with colleague-economics. They do this via different, formal and informal, events during the year.


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