Yucca, your second home!

Since the year 1988, the VEK can present it’s own student pub: The Yucca! It has been the only student pub exploited by students, for a very long time. 15 years ago, we set ground on our current location: “het kramersplein”, in the middle of a vibrant centre. Thanks to our catch-phrase: “for and by students” you’re welcome to drop by from 10 am until at least 5am the other day! We serve you the best college parties with drinks at the lowest prices, not anywhere to be seen!
Our cosy pub has a casual atmosphere where every student lives the dream. Whether its with a fresh beer,  a soft drink or to spend the whole afternoon laying back, we have an entire team eager to help you. Our enormous terrace is our biggest showpiece, guaranteed of sunshine! Plenty of time to consume some wine, sangria etc.

Every night of the week is filled with the cheapest drinks, known throughout whole Ghent. We serve every Monday a new promotion to surprise you. On Tuesday you can buy 3 Duvels for €5 or 1 for €2. Every Wednesday we organise a theme party and Thursday you can drink beer and Ricard for only €1. These are classics that many students love. These are our fixed promotions, but sometimes we dare to come up with some new ideas!
Clubs and societies that organize a pub crawl, may always contact us to discuss a promo. In addition, it’s also possible to hire the Yucca on Friday  or Saturday night. For more information you can always contact us on yucca@vek.be. We are committed to give the students of Ghent the time of their lives and we are managed to do that already the past couple of years!
Are you already excited for the next academic year? Us too, so feel free to come along tot he exuberant atmosphere!

Your breake is just around the corner

  • Location: Kramersplein 15, Gent
  • Price: Pintjes aan €1.5, cocktails aan €3.5, ...

24 hours of the Yucca

Every year, when the days get longer, the VEK organizes the legendary 24 hours of the Yucca!
What can you expect on the most awesome day of your life? Plenty of free barrels, the best drinks at the nicest prices, the best music and of course an exuberant atmosphere. Every hour there is an activity or assignment that will convince you to party all night.

24u van de Yucca24u van de Yucca

VEK Presents: 24h long

one day long party

24 free barrels were drunk without any problems


Viking contest

There is also a real Viking contest in which the Viking has a chance to win brilliant prizes at random moments. The concept is simple: every fifteen minutes the Viking can be challenged with an ad fundum. If you win, you become the new Viking. Then you can take over the helmet and sit on the majestic throne!

On this day we also invite guest tappers from the neighborhood and many DJs from that who ensure that our 24 hours is the best in Ghent and surroundings!