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Fancy a refreshing lager? A rosé? Or just a Coke?

Definitely drop by!

Yucca, your second home!

The pride of the VEK has been the student café 'the Yucca' since 1988! For a long time it was the only café in Ghent run by a student association. For the past 20 years we have been located at Kramersplein Ghent. Thanks to our motto 'for and by students' you can come to us day and night for tasty drinks at student friendly prices.

Our cozy bar has a friendly atmosphere. Many students can have their wishes fulfilled. Whether you want a fresh beer, a refreshing drink or just to relax for the afternoon, our enthusiastic team is always ready to serve you. Our large terrace is one of our showpieces. Guaranteed the whole afternoon sun! So there is plenty of time to enjoy your wine, sangria or beer. Currently our student café is being renovated, so we can't open at our iconic location yet.

To still let you enjoy the Yucca's low prices, we have opened a Pop-Up for this academic year in the Overpoort! The cheapest drinks, the tastiest cocktails and the nicest atmosphere, you'll find it all here.

Are you also looking forward to the academic year? So are we, so feel free to come by and soak up the exuberant atmosphere!

Your break is just around the corner

  • Location: Kramersplein 15, 9000 gent
  • Price: Pintjes aan €1.5, cocktails aan €4, ...

VEK Presents: 80 cent

What better way to kick off the academic year than with a great free festival? With crazy DJs, beers at 80 cents and delicious food trucks, atmosphere is guaranteed. Don't hesitate and come to VEK Presents! 

Yucca PresentsYucca Presents