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The Flemish Economic Association (VEK) is, together with Moeder Lies, responsible for the course service of all the disciplines at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Contrary to last year, the two associations work together.

You can find the data of the sales and their locations under 'where and when'. 

Don't forget to add the book sales course on Ufora. This way you get all notifications regarding the dates of the book sales and the available books. You can add the course by looking up 'Boekenverkopen FEB / Textbook sale FEB' or FX00004 (the course code).

As VEK, we ask you to preorder your books via 
You can discover how you preorder your books precisely under 'how to order your books'.

Please bring a copy of your order and a bag when picking up your order. In this way the booksales will pass by smoothly. We offer you the possibility to pay your books cash, as well as with a debit/credit card. 


Scrolling down, you can find which books you need at 'Book lists VEK'. Downloading this PDF-file allows you to reclaim all necessary information as well as the target prices of your books. 

The books that are available (again) if they where not there on the book sales, will be announced under 'Arrived/ back available books'

This information can also be found on Minerva, in the folder 'Textbook Sales FEB'

Educational greetings, 

Emmanuel and Caro

Chiefs responsible for the book sales 2019-2020
Flemish Economic Association


How to order your books?

Ordering books is possible for the First Bachelors! Have a look below to see how to do this. The other years will be able to order them the following weekend.

1.      Register on this website (see picture left) and fill in your profile and check the box of the FEB-membershipcard

2.     Surf to and click on the shield of VEK and Moeder Lies 

3.     Sign up on your UGent account with your username and password 

4.     Choose your course 

5.     Follow the instructions connected to choosing your package (you can also select books separately on ‘Create your own package/order some extra books’)  

6.     Confirm your order! 

Bestel je boeken hier!Bestel je boeken hier!

Where and when?


The booksales will start at the first week of the academic year. These sales will mostly be done per course and be announced weekly on Ufora and on Facebook in the group of your course (have a look at the bottom of this book sales page to see which group that is). IMPORTANT: preparatory -and linking courses are welcome at every book sale. 




For the book sales, you have to go to Campus Tweekerken, this is the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The sales will be held in 'the Foyer' and you can find this by going to the floor -1. This is the great hall below auditorium Quetelet.

The FEB-membership card

The official membership card for students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

During the book sales, you have the possibility to purchase a FEB-membership card. The VEK and ML arranged a lot of partners, where you are able to claim a huge offer by showing this membership card. 

More information can be found by clicking 'become a member'. Being a member doesn't only get you offers all over Ghent, it also gives you a discount on the purchase of your books. 

The membership card is available for purchase at the book sales of both organizations. 

Become a member here!Become a member here!

Unavailable books

Check here which books are unavailable at the moment!

  • BAMA Codex (3 parts): end of this week
  • Plattegrond van de macht: end of this week
  • Grondwettelijk recht: 2-3 weeks
  • Cursus Inleiding tot bestuurskunde 
  • Production  and  operation  analysis: end of this week
  • Handboek personenbelasting  
  • Handboek vennootschapsbelasting 

  • Verzekeringsmanagement  
  • Factory  fysics: end of this week
  • Essentials of  Investments 
  • Lokale belastingen in het Vlaamse Gewest 2019-2020: October
  • Themawetboek  Accountancy en Fiscaliteit: at the publisher at the end of September
  • Algemeen bestuursrecht: end of this week