Give Advise

The VEK Advisory competition is a distinctive event that is held throughout the first semester of the academic year. Each group of 4 to 5 carefully selected students will get the opportunity to solve a real-life case proposed by a company. Whilst solving the case, each group will be assisted by a professional consultant to coach them. After 8 weeks, there is an official presentation during which a winning group is determined.

Profile: Anyone with economic knowledge can enroll, students do not have to study at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. What we also ask is a minimum commitment of a few hours per week, to be able to bring to program to a good end.

Questions: or contact one of our VEK Recruitment Team Members

The VEK Advisory Competition is your chance as a student to handle a real-life case. You receive this case from one of our partner, who is looking for a fresh look for a current problem. They come through us to the faculty to find young, fresh and ambitious students that got a nose for consultancy. You are challenged to create an all-round solution to the problem. Are you ambitious and are you dreaming of a career in consultancy? Then this is your chance to work together with a real consultant and help a company with their problem!