We lift your student life to unseen heights

The VEK (Flemish Economic association) was founded in 1923. Since then, this association has grown into one of the largest and most prominent student associations in Ghent. The VEK uses as official colors green and white, this color combination can be found on the student ribbons of the members.

The official song of the VEK, the so-called 'VEK lied', was written by Koen Beeckman and Frank Fivez. The text is accompanied on the tones of the song 'Omdat ik Vlaming ben'.

The VEK is built around the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration where more than 6000 students study. An enthusiastic Praesidium is ready every year to offer students interesting activities and actions.

The Yucca is our regular café and is still operated by ourselves for our fellow students. Over the years it has become a real meeting place for a cozy chat and a good party.

In addition, we also provide good guidance for the students on their way to the labor market through our many recruitment events with our own job fair, the Career Day.

In short: the VEK is always ready for the students at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and tries to make student life a pleasant experience for them. All this with a mix of several student-like activities. All our members will agree: at the VEK we will lift your student life to unseen heights!


Godfather em. prof. dr. Marc De Clercq

Godfather of the VEK is former Dean Marc De Clercq. When he passed on the torch to prof. Van Kenhove in 2016, he would like to keep Godfather's title, and of course we have granted him that!
As a Godmother we have Rita of the Salamander. She is a well-known figure in student life since she runs the most pleasant pub on the Overpoortstraat.

Where can you find us most of the time?

  • Location: Kramersplein 15, Gent

Teaser VEK

VEK life, best life !

With this move you can see instantly that the VEK is the best association in Ghent!