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Official Student Council of the Faculty of Economics en Business Administration

Stuveco is the student council of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. 
Our student representatives are member of various councils and committees within our Faculty. 
These workgroups give students the opportunity to engage themselves, together with professors, assistants and other academic staff, to make our faculty a home for everyone. We take care of your concerns and try to deal with your problems. We strive for excellent teaching, righteous exams, acceptable prices of the book sales, enough facilities for students etc. 

Besides our general meetings, Stuveco is responsible for numerous other projects. 
We organize the yearly event "Proffentap" where you can find professors and assistants behind the counter of your favorite student pub, the Yucca. We are the driving force behind the Homo Economicus, a handy booklet full of exam questions and study tips for each course. More about this booklet can be found below.



The Homo Economicus

The Homo Economicus is - besides the hypothesis that humans are agents who are consistently rational and narrowly self-interested, and who usually pursue their subjectively-defined ends optimally - a bundle full op typical exam questions of previous years. These questions serve to help FEB-students in preparing their exams and to give them an idea of the difficulty of the exam and how the exam will look like. 

The Homo Economicus is constructed from the input of the students themselves. After each exam there will be posted a link to a Google Doc into the Facebook groups of the fields of study (e.g. in the group First Master Business Engineering)  One can post all remembered questions into this document or can add to/adjust other's contributions. More information on Homo Economicus can be found on the website of Studelen (see below) 


Loosely translated : Stu-sharing

Who is actually fond of doing unnecessary work? A lot of students try to study efficient by making summaries of their courses. Is it still efficient when students make their own summaries year after year? Can't you help the next generation? With a little bit of solidarity you might get your fellow student through a course he has got a lot of problems with. Who knows you might be running out of time yourself one day!
It can be useful to double check that you did not miss anything in your own summary. 
But most of all, are you looking for good karma? 


Studelen is the name of the website where students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Ghent can upload, view, download, rate summaries and exam questions. Unlike existing tools, our site is completely free and does not pay contributors for their uploads. 
But there might still be something in there for you as the best rated summaries might get a reward at the end of the exam period!

Maybe important to add that it is also possible to upload under no name, in order to stay anonymous. 

Bring me to the Studelen websiteBring me to the Studelen website

How does Stuveco work?

Our Board of Directors consists of 6 enthusiastic contributors. 

- President : Maxence Marnette
- Vice-President : Laura Aernoudt
- Treasurer: An Bouckaert
- Communication: Laurent Duthois
- Education: Niels Clymans
- ICT: Sam Stroo


Discover how Stuveco worksDiscover how Stuveco works

General Meetings

Interested in defending the interest of students at our Faculty? As member of Stuveco you are able to discuss problems from your environment, yourself or others. We regularly have discussions about the stance of FEB-students on controversial points such as Broadcasting the lessons, a new Academic calendar... 

You are very welcome to pass by on one of our general meetings to see how we work. 
You can find the calendar below. 

Calendar Stuveco

What's on the program this year?





First general meeting

The first general meeting of Stuveco will be held online via Zoom on Monday, October 12th at 19h. New year managers and committee members will be appointed to defend the interests of the student at our faculty. The full agenda and facebook event will be posted online soon.


Second General Meeting

Second general meeting of our student council. More info will follow. 

Third general meeting

Third general meeting of our student council. The first after the exam period. More info will follow.

Fourth general meeting

Fourth general meeting of our student council. 
Concrete planning is TBA.


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Looking for the list of Year responsibles? Do you want more information about the different committees within our Faculty? Who forms the Board of Directors this year? Do you have a question? 

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History and Realizations

Our Faculty has a long history of strong student engagement



  • Voorzitter: Max Thomas
  • Ondervoorzitter: Laura Lambrecht
  • Penningmeester: Maxime Mulliez
  • Secretaris & Communicatie: Gevorg Shahinyan
  • Onderwijs: Louise Dillen
  • ICT: Vedran Deckmyn


  • Voorzitter : Florian Baetens
  • Ondervoorzitter : Max Thomas
  • Penningmeester : Ewoud Cools
  • Secretaris & Communicatie : Wannes van Overstraeten
  • Onderwijs : Pieter Delie
  • ICT : Mattias Van Look


  • Voorzitter : Blerta Beka
  • Ondervoorzitter : Nicolas Vander Eecken
  • Penningmeester : Louis Boval
  • Secretaris & Communicatie : Ana Paula Mendes
  • Onderwijs : Emiel Remmerie
  • ICT : Hagar Rebahi


  • Voorzitter : Jasper Moreels
  • Ondervoorzitter : Blerta Beka
  • Penningmeester : Michiel Van Damme
  • Secretaris & Communicatie : Antony Wulteput
  • Onderwijs : Gauthier Desmet


  • Voorzitter : Louise Stubbe
  • Ondervoorzitter : Joost Van Elsuwé
  • Penningmeester : Jasper Moreels
  • Secretaris & Communicatie : Blerta Beka


  • Voorzitter : Andreas De Witte
  • Ondervoorzitter : Allison Schouteten
  • Penningmeester : Sander Lietaert
  • Secretaris & Communicatie : Blerta Beka


  • Voorzitter : Nathalie Gys
  • Ondervoorzitter Tweekerken : Jelle Heyvaert
  • Ondervoorzitter Mercator : Andreas De Witte
  • Penningmeester : Andreas D'hoine
  • Secretaris : Caroline Meugens
  • Communicatie : Jason Cornette-Dixon


  • Voorzitter : Pieter Dhertoge
  • Ondervoorzitter : Ruben Tirions
  • Penningmeester : Andreas D'Hoine
  • Communicatie : Sander Lietaert

2012-2013 Factor 

  • Voorzitter : Matthias Vermès
  • Ondervoorzitter : Jens Lievens 
  • Penningmeester & Communicatie : Andreas De Witte
  • Secretaris : Paulin Van Biesen


  • Voorzitter : Willem Devriendt
  • Ondervoorzitter : Bregt Ooms
  • Penningmeester : Davy Degeetere
  • Communicatie : Pieter Dhertoge 


  • Voorzitter : Evelyn De Blieck
  • Ondervoorzitter : Willem Devriendt
  • Penningmeester : Bregt Ooms

2009-2010 Cel Didactiek

  • Voorzitter : Ewoud Quaghebeur
  • Ondervoorzitter : Willem Devriendt


  • Update and upgrade of the Studelen platform, where students can share notes and summaries
  • Aanleg extra fietsenstalling campus mercator (2014-2015)
  • gratis watervoorzieningen campus 2 kerken
  • integratie van de studenten Handelswetenschappen en Bestuurskunde en publiekmanagement in de FEB
  • tijdelijke versoepeling GIT-reglement en volgtijdelijkheid (2011-2012)
  • uitbreiding keuzevakkenlijsten
  • de Homo Economicus: handig boekje met examentips en voorbeeldexamenvragen van elk vak (jaarlijkse uitgifte)
  • vast examenrooster
  • invloeden in de Faculteitsraad, Opleidingscommissies, Kwaliteitscel Onderwijs
  • reeds 3 edities FEB's Got Talent
  • 3e plaats Wijste Prof 2012 (prof. Jan Verhoeye)
    overwinning Wijste Prof 2011 (prof. Mirjam Knockaert)
    2e plaats Wijste Prof 2010 (prof. Marc De Clercq)
    2e plaats Wijste Prof 2009 (prof. Freddy Heylen)
  • kunstfoto's in de Hoveniersberg
  • Best Teaching Awards