Nil Volentibus Arduum

Nothing is impossible to the valiant

As long as the VEK already exists, there have always been Praesidia who have been able to defend the interests of the economics students and assist them in the field of entertainment and self-development. Since 1923, therefore, every year a Praesidium is selected to take on this task with all enthousiasm and dedication.

Below you can find a overview of the most recent Praesidia. Thanks to them the VEK is where it is now. Are you Pro-Senior and jou would like to add your Praesidium to the list? Send a photo and data to

Do you want to be a part of this fantastic gang? Keep your eye on all comunucation in connection with the elections.


Praesidium 2018 - 2019

Praeses: Cedric Manhaeve
Vice-Praeses: Wannes Van Overstraeten
Marketing/PR-Extern: Mattias Van Look
Penningmeester: Ewoud Cools, Quentin De Beurme
Boeken: Félice Hostens, Laura Aernoudt
Cultuur: Laura Lambrecht 
Feest: Charlotte Vansteenkiste, Paulien Torrekens
PR-intern: Jan Merchier, Louise Dillen
Recruitment: Selena fauconnier, Quinten Degrave, Arne Scheldeman
Sport: Rémy Lebbe, Viktor Vauterin, Matthias Christiaens
Yuccamanager: Lars Ampoorter, Max Thomas, Pieter Delie


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Praesidium 2017-2018

Praeses: Antony Wulteput
Vice-Praeses: Wim Desmedt
Marketing: Selena fauconnier
Penningmeester: Louis Boval, Pauline Schoebrechts
Boeken: Charlotte Vansteenkiste
Cultuur: Annabelle Depuydt, Mattias Van Look
Feest: Quentin De Beurme, Charlotte Van Hapert
PR-intern: Alison Vandermeersch, Axelle Sels
Recruitment: Joshua De Bock, Cedric Manhaeve, Matthias Beckers
PR-Extern: Nicolas Vander Eecken, Ward Willem
Sport: Ewoud Cools, Max Thomas, Lars Ampoorter
Yuccamanager: Wannes Vanoverstraeten, Gilles Vauterin, Pieter Delie, Bo Thienpont

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Praesidium 2016-2017

Praeses: Bram Van Duynslager
Vice-Praeses: Antony Wulteput
Penningmeester: Wim Desmedt, Lien Lagrou
Boeken: Annabelle Depuydt, Selena fauconnier
Cultuur: Wannes Van Overstraeten
Feest: Hanne De Mulder, Nicolas Vander Eecken
PR-Intern: Jantine Decleir, Pauline Schoebrechts
Recruitment: Michiel Van Damme, Louis Viaene
Reis: Ine Mortier
Sport: Louis Boval, Ward Willem
Yuccamanager: Cedric Manhaeve, Aaron Vanden Bussche, Jean-Louis Vansimaeys


Praesidium 2015-2016

Praeses: Viktor Vandenbroecke
Vice-Praeses: Michiel Van Damme
Penningmeester: Laure Bradt, Anke Van der Meulen
Boeken: Wim Desmedt, Ine Mortier
Cultuur: Jean-Louis Vansimaeys
Feest: Lien Lagrou, Nicolas Vander Eecken, Elien Van De Weghe
PR-Intern: Mathijs Dewaele
Recruitment: Louis Viaene
Reis: Sara Gandolfo
Sport: Cedric Manhaeve
Yuccamanager: Hanne De Mulder, Bram Van Duynslager, Antony Wulteput


Praesidium 2014-2015

Praeses: Davy Degeetere
Vice-Praeses: Ward Noppe
Penningmeester: Michiel Van Damme, Anke Van der Meulen
Boeken: Charlotte De Busscher, Antony Wulteput
Cultuur: Laure Bradt
Feest: Hanne De Mulder, Gilles Schepens
PR-Intern: Sara Gandolfo
Recruitment: Julie De Backer, Klaas Seynaeve, Matthias Wallaeys
Reis: Eefje Lips
Sport: Mathias Cooreman, Anthony Vandenbossche
Stuveco: Sander Lietaert
Yuccamanager: David Poissonnier, Viktor Vandenbroecke, Bram Van Duynslager


Praesidium 2013-2014

Praeses: Thomas Vandererfven
Vice-Praeses: David Poissonnier
Penningmeester: Pieter Dhertoge
Boeken: Michiel Van Damme
Cultuur: Anke Vandermeulen
Feest: Ward Noppe, Anne-Sophie Willekens
Pr-Intern: Laure Bradt, Charlotte De Busscher
Pr-Extern: Davy Degeetere, Matthias Van der Schueren, Joost Verhoeye
Reis: Julie De Backer
Sport: Mathias Cooreman, Désiré Koopman, Evelien Vanderstappen, Viktor Vandenbroecke
Yuccamanager: Bram Deferme, Hugo De Wit