Student Street Soccer

Guaranteed a lot of spectacle and excitement!

It’s already the 15th edition of this two-day prestigious street football tournament. 76 teams will give everything to win the cup! Guaranteed a lot of spectacle and excitement, so join in or come and support!

In addition to the beautiful and nerve-racking contests from morning to evening you can still count on a lot of side attractions, our large terrace and an atmosphere to say goodbye!

On Wednesday 17th April we start around 12 pm with the first part of the group stage as well as the complete women's competition. The final of this is scheduled around 20h30.

The other part of the groups will play on Thursday 18th April , followed by a second group stage and the final knock-outs. The final will take place around 9 pm.

As if this is not exciting enough, there can also be fought for the cup of drinking!

Student Street Soccer XII

Sint-Pietersplein, Gent

Flashback on last year's edition