Mens sana in corpore sano

Dear Sport Fanatics,

A student’s nightlife is simply awesome, awesome that your body (aka your temple) might start showing certain signs of decay. This is where we, the sports praesides, will come to your aid, making sure that your summer body stays in pristine condition all the way through the school year. A very wide range of sports will be offered allowing both weekend warriors as well as true athletes to indulge themselves. For those among you who prefer not to sober up entirely, you’ll be able to try out some of our original booze-inspired events.

We are with two sport praesides supported by a driven committee, making sure all sporting events are organized in the right way. If you are the type of sports enthusiast who believes that watching sports is tiring enough, then we’ve got the right answer for you as well.

All of you are welcome to come support our green&white legion to the supremest of triumphs by exercising your throat muscles and shouting your heart out.

You are probably sitting on the edge of your chair and you can not wait till the start of the new sporting year. So it is important you note the following dates in your agenda. Wednesday the 17th and Thursday the 18th of April 2024 will be the 16th edition of Student Street Soccer. This is a sun-drenched streetsoccer tournament, with summerbeats and advantageous prices. If you click on the link below, you can get a little taste of the greatest event organised by students!

If you want this year to be your sportiest year during college then the VEK is something for you!


See you soon,

Eva Uyttersprot en Arthur Van Impe

Sportpraesides 2023-2024

Laurens Parein, Yente De Greef en Loic Van den Bogaert

Sportcommittee 2023-2024


More on Student Street Soccer!More on Student Street Soccer!

Interfaculty Championship (IFK)

The Interfaculty Championship, or IFK is the all-encompassing competition, spread over the full duration of the academic year. The different sports, leagues and tournaments that the IFK include can be divided into three categories:

  1. major events
  2. individual championships with team classification
  3. team sports,

There are three major events: The Interfaculty Tournament, the swimming marathon and the 12 hour run.

The Interfaculty Tournament will take place on the 7th of November.

The first important date that you as an athlete need to write down in your agenda is the 7th of November. All the FK associations battle on this day in various sports against each other. There is a prize for the winner of the tournament, but also the winning association of each sport individually will receive a prize. The points and the place in the final ranking counts for the IFK. This tournament is going to be in and around the buildings of the GUSB. The organized sports are basketball, praesidiumkamp, table tennis, cross-country, football, volleyball and swimming.

Last year we ended fifth, the goal for this year is to win back our spot on the podium.



The Swimming marathon

The swimming Marathon will take place on the 6st of December. The different student associations battle against each other in a four-hour long swimming competition. As the name implies, the goal is to swim as much as possible in the given time period. This event takes place in the GUSB. 


12 Hour Run

The 12 hour run is, after Student Street Soccer, the biggest sport event of the academic year. This event, which will take place in april-may, is one big student party. The associations try to run as much laps as possible in twelve hours. It takes place at the Sint-Pietersplein. There is a lot of animation present, making this event extremely attractive to the students who love to do sports but also for the slightly less athletic student. Here we also have a strong reputation to defend. Last year we were fourth, but now we focus on the third place, that belongs to the VEK. Feel free to come and run as many laps as possible for us! The laps are about 300m long.



Here it is all about the individual sports, but there will also be a team ranking established, for the purpose of the classification of the Interfaculty Tournament. The individual sports are : judo, squash, cross country running, badminton, table tennis, e-sports and swimming


Team sports

Most organized sports are team sports for which each association can register. The team sports are: mini football, football, volleyball, rugby and basketball. Depending on the number of registered teams, the point system will be different and there will be played according to the knock-out system or groups prior to the final. The VEK won the trophy for football, women's volleyball and rugby, last time. This year we will defend our titles and compete for the other disciplines!


It is always an honor to compete with your faculty in the interfaculty Championships and Tournaments and, of course, it is always fun. The sports being organized are:


For team sports: Soccer, Mini Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball and Hockey.

For the Individual sports: Running, Swimming, Table Tennis, Judo and Badminton....


Do you feel like playing yourself? Then be sure to send a message to 1 of our Sportpraesides, Eva Uyttersprot or Arthur Van Impe or send an email to